J. Richard Dunscomb is now available to present the following workshops.
The following descriptions notate some of the topics covered in each workshop.
Special workshops can designed for you and your ensemble.
Each session has a valuable set of handouts.
Creating, Designing and Maintaining a Successful Jazz Education Program -
Where Do I Start?
A workshop designed to provide a foundation and structure on which to build a
successful jazz program.
-  Scheduling is a nightmare.  What is the answer?
-  We've never had a jazz program. How do I begin?
-  How to build a basic library of charts and resource materials?
-  What basic equipment do I need to purchase?
-  Should I begin with a big band or a combo?
-  What do I need to know about the rhythm section?
-  What do all those jazz terms mean?
-  How to start an improvisation program.

Jazz Rehearsal Techniques: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why?
This session helps you to make the most of your rehearsal time.
Everything you need to know to use the time efficiently and productively.
- The right seating for winds and rhythm section
- Warm up materials
- Correcting problem spots with the minimum time and effort
- Jazz articulation
- Jazz style
- Developing and maintaining good intonation
- The layering technique
- Director's checklist of rehearsal and performance techniques

Yes, You Can Teach Jazz!!  Implementing the National Music Standards
Through Jazz
A dynamic workshop that uses jazz and the National Music Standards to help
build and maintain a successful jazz program.  Realistic approaches and practical
- Saving your program from budget cuts
- The Art of listening
- Jazz articulations
- Rehearsal techniques & strategies
- Success through selecting the right music
- Teaching jazz concepts and styles
- Implementing the National Music Standards

Jazz Rhythm Section Basics from Day One!
The foundation of a great jazz ensemble starts with the rhythm section.  This
workshop discusses the role of each instrument individually and then collectively
as a section.

Specific information for each rhythm section instrument
- Piano
- Bass
- Drum set
- Guitar
- Percussion
How players learn to work together to form a cohesive unit
- Set-up
- Establishing and maintaining a groove
- Understanding the various styles and each instruments role
- Piano and guitar voicings
- Bass line construction
- Amp settings
- Handouts with tips for every instrument

Teaching the Jazz Concepts:  Latin and Swing
An exciting session designed to present a conceptual approach to teaching the
Latin & Swing styles.  Valuable teaching tips and techniques are presented.
- Comparisons - What is similar?  What is different?
- Swing feel - learning the basics
- Latin feel - the most common styles used in jazz - Afro/Cuban and Brazilian
- Rhythm section techniques in both styles
- Instrumental and vocal techniques in both styles
- The chart says Latin - what do we do?

Preparing for Imporatant Performances:  Making Your Group Stand Out  from
the Rest
A workshop designed for your jazz group to prepare them for contest/festival and
other important performances.
- Make the rhythm section "cook"
- Make the soloists "sizzle"
- Gain the professional jazz sound
- Adding shape and excitement to the arrangements
- Gain confidence and precision
- Play in the appropriate style for each selection
- Improve intonation, balance, blend and phrasing

Teaching Jazz Improvisation - Yes, You Can Do It!
This workshop helps you and your students develop a jazz vocabulary and
become fluent
in the use of it.
- Learn the language of jazz vocabulary
- Rhythm vocabulary
- Melodic vocabulary
- Harmonic vocabulary
- Jazz Licks
- Jazz Quotes
- Articulation
- Phrasing
- Building a solo
Dunscomb @ Pescara, Italy