Throughout his career, Professor Dunscomb has been recognized with
numerous honors and awards. The International Association of Jazz
Educators elected Dunscomb to its Hall of Fame. The Midwest Clinic, an
international band and orchestra clinic, awarded Dunscomb the prestigious
Medal of Honor. He also received numerous awards for his outstanding
conducting, teaching and service from several universities. He was the North
American Coordinator for the Montreux (Switzerland) International Jazz
Festival for 18 years and has served as Executive Director of the Chicago
Jazz Ensemble. His most recent publications include, with Dr. Willie Hill, Jr.
Jazz Pedagogy: The Jazz Educator’s Handbook and Resource Guide, a
publication designed to provide a foundation and structure to plan and
implement a successful Jazz program, and About That Jazz, a beginning jazz
method with Jose Antonio Diaz.
Currently Professor Emeritus, Dunscomb was the former Chair of the Music
Department at Columbia College Chicago, the nations premiere visual, and
performing, media and communications arts’ college located in Chicago,
Illinois. He is Vice President of the board of directors for the Midwest
Clinic, the largest annual event for instrumental music in Chicago, Illinois with
more than 17,000 participants. He also serves on the advisory board for the
Chicago Jazz Institute.
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Dick Dunscomb is one of the leading
authorities in the field of Jazz music
and music education. He has been
recognized nationally and
internationally as a guest conductor,
author, adjudicator, clinician and
consultant. Through his work with
IAJE, Warner Bros. Music,
Alfred/Belwin Jazz Music and other
agencies he has presented more
than 200 workshops including
conducting and Jazz clinics
throughout the United States, as
well as Australia, Europe, Canada,
Sweden, Japan and South America.